2020 HIV&AIDS and Sexual Health Conference
2020 HIV&AIDS and Sexual Health Conference

Tips for accessing the Virtual Conference Portal

We recommend you watch the short 4 minute demonstration video to familiarise yourself with the platform.

Event Support and Advice
If you are logged into the portal but cannot see sessions or functionality, please log out, clear your browser history and log back in. If you are having other connection problems please use the Live Support icon to request assistance


The Event Portal is compatible with most browsers, but optimized for Google Chrome

Updating Your Profile

When you first sign in to the OnAIR Portal, the Event Check In window displays, where you can update your profile, capture or add a profile photo and review your privacy settings. To edit or change these settings, please click on your profile photo at the top right of the screen and select My Settings.

Live Host

At various times during the event, the Live Host window may appear to provide further information about the event. You can choose to mute the Live Host by clicking on the volume icon and you can move or minimize the Live Host window as needed.

Using the Timeline

Sessions and functions that are happening each day are listed in the timeline in chronological order. You can click on any of the items in the timeline to view additional information and join the session or function.

Joining a Zoom Webinar Session

When joining a Zoom webinar session, a window will appear asking you to use either your computer audio or connect to the audio via telephone (dial-in details are provided). If the webinar does not load or if you are having any technical issues viewing the session, you can click on the ‘Technical Issues? Launch Zoom App’ link at the bottom of the window. This link allows you to download the Zoom App directly to your computer and this will resolve most issues. Please click on the Live Support icon for additional assistance.

Muting your Camera and Mic

When using the Meeting Hub, Live Support or Exhibitor Instant Meetings, once the Video Call starts your camera and microphone will be enabled by default. Click on the icons in the video window to disable the camera and mute your microphone as needed.

Using the Meeting Hub

The Meeting Hub allows you to connect and communicate with other attendees. Once you have located an attendee you want to connect with, click the Connect button. Once the other attendee accepts your request, you can choose to interact with your connection by starting a live chat or live video call. You can also schedule to meet at a future time, send messages and take notes. Contact information for all attendees you have connected with be included when you export your contacts (see the Exporting your Notes and Contacts for additional information).

Virtual Exhibition

You can visit the Virtual Exhibition at any time during the event by clicking on the Meet Exhibitor button at the right of the timeline. When you are in the Virtual Exhibition Hall, you can search and browse through the list of exhibitors. Clicking on the View Button lets you review the Exhibitor’s Information and download any available brochures. You can also choose to connect with members of the Exhibitor team via Meeting Hub. If the exhibition is open and the exhibitor’s staff is online, you can request a live meeting and you will be placed in a queue. You can always see your position in the queue and when you reach the top of the queue a video meeting with the selected member of the exhibitor’s team will begin.

Exporting your Notes and Contacts

Any notes that you take throughout the event can be exported by selecting the Export icon in the top right of the screen near your Profile image. In additional, all Meeting Hub connections you have make with other OnAIR participants will save their contact information, that you can export using the Export option as well.

Live Support

Our Live Event Support Team is online during the live conference hours and available for you. If you have any questions or need technical assistance, please click on the red Live Support icon in the top right of the screen.

Having Camera or Mic Problems?

Please reset or review your browser permissions for your camera and microphone. For example, in Chrome, you can click on the small lock icon to the right of the portal URL to check on these settings. There are interactive Q&A sessions and networking available, so a headset is recommended to optimize your audio