2020 HIV&AIDS and Sexual Health Conference
2020 HIV&AIDS and Sexual Health Conference

On Demand Program

The committee are pleased to announce the On-Demand program is now available. This will continue to be updated as more details are confirmed, please be aware the program is set AEST.

Please note this is subject to change without notice. UPDATED 21.09.20

HIV Clinical Management & Therapeutics Abstracts
#235 Under-Utilised HIV Testing in Setting of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease
Hannah Punton
#237 PrEPMe: Provision of PrEP for overseas-born MSM without Medicare in Melbourne Victoria
Jude Armishaw
#102 Efficacy and tolerability of topical imiquimod cream against high-risk anal human papillomavirus infection in men who have sex with men living with HIV: A single-arm, open-label pilot clinical trial
Duygu Durukan
#117 Changing the use of PrEP during the first and second COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne
Elena Rodriguez Rodriguez
#239 HIV and Solid Organ Transplantation: A Single Centre Retrospective Audi
David Griffin
#177 Global estimates for the lifetime cost of managing HIV: a systematic review
Tran Ngoc An Huynh
#261 Supporting the HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health workforce during COVID-19; outputs from a rapid response Taskforce
Karen Seager
SH Clinical Management & Therapeutics Abstracts
#203 Oral and anal T. pallidum detection in men who have sex with men with early infectious syphilis: a cross-sectional study
Janet Towns
#141 Antiseptic mouthwash for gonorrhoea prevention (OMEGA): a randomised, double-blind, parallel-group, multicentre trial
Eric Chow
#98 Diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease and barriers to conducting pelvic examinations in Australian general practice
Helen Bittleston
#146 Menstrual Cup Associated IUD Expulsion: A Retrospective Chart Review
Matilda-Jane Oke
#175 First, Do No Harm: The Shift To Non-Empiric Treatment Of Sexual Contacts Of Chlamydia And Gonorrhoea
Rafeeqah Rasul
SH Clinical Management & Therapeutics Abstracts 2
#182 Informing clinical indications for testing women for Mycoplasma genitalium
Rosie Latimer
#87 Doxycycline and Sitafloxacin Combination Therapy for Treating Highly Resistant Mycoplasma genitalium
Duygu Durukan
#210 Near-patient testing for Mycoplasma genitalium and macrolide resistance mutations – how does it compare to standard testing?
Kaveesha Bodiyabadu
#140 The contribution of common genital mycoplasmas to genital symptoms and clinical signs in women
Erica Plummer
Case Presentation Session HIV & Sexual Health - JOINT
#240 SARS-CoV-2 Infection in an HIV-positive Patient in the Setting of Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation
David Griffin
#142 When weaning doesn’t work: Management of steroid-refractory central nervous system (CNS) immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS)
Mihiri Weerasuria (HIV paper)
#221 HIV and Cutaneous IgG4-related disease
Grace Butel-Simoes (HIV paper)
#244 Disseminated Aspergillus infection in a patient with recently diagnosed advanced HIV
Michael Moso
#57 HSV associated Proctitis presenting without anorectal lesions; why testing and empirical treatment may be important
Yasmin Hughes (SH paper)
#55 Contact dermatitis masquerading as a drug eruption: making a critical distinction in the sexual health clinic
Yasmin Hughes (SH paper)
SH Prevention, Epidemiology & Health Promotion Abstracts - GBM & STIs
#234 Optimizing HIV and STI testing services for men who have sex with men in high-income countries: A Systematic Review
Varsicka Kularadhan
#189 Modelling the multiple anatomical site transmission of Mycoplasma genitalium in men who have sex with men: A compartmental mathematical model
Xianglong Xu
#213 Simulating the effects of PrEP on gonorrhoea incidence in gay and bisexual men in Sydney
Michael Walker
#156 HIV, sexually transmitted infections and sexual practices among male sex workers attending a sexual health clinic in Melbourne, Australia, 2010-2018
Evelyn Turek
#232 Population standardised rates of HIV, syphilis and gonorrhoea diagnoses by sexual orientation in New Zealand
Peter Saxton
SH Prevention, Epidemiology & Health Promotion Abstracts - COVID & access to sexual health services
#119 Sexually transmitted infection syndromes and access to sexual health service before and after the national lockdown for COVID-19 in Melbourne, Australia
Eric Chow
#160 Using the NSW Play Safe STI prevention program to deliver targeted COVID-19, sex and dating messaging to higher-risk young people
Marty Janssen
#63 Challenges and opportunities for Sexual Health services during COVID-19
Jessica Michaels
#113 Changing From Clinician-Collected To Self-Collected Throat Swabs For Oropharyngeal Gonorrhoea And Chlamydia Screening Among Men Who Have Sex With Men During The Covid-19 Panademic
Kate Maddaford
#62 Adapting Program Delivery to Meet Young People’s Needs During Covid-19 Pandemic
Tameaka Lakey
#74 Disparities in characteristics in accessing public Australian sexual health services between Medicare-eligible and Medicare-ineligible men who have sex with men
Anysha Walia
SH Prevention, Epidemiology & Health Promotion Abstracts - Young People and Sexual Health
#128 Sexual health behaviours of local and international students at a large Australian university
Madeleine Lim
#167 The impact of sexual health knowledge on STI and HIV testing in domestic and international university students in Australia
Teyl Engstrom
#27 Ask Nurse Nettie: What young people in New South Wales (NSW) want to know from an online sexual health nurse
Samantha Blake
#181 What do Young People in High-Income Countries Want in a Sexual Health Service? A Systematic Review
Joscelyn Gan
#201 Psychological Distress and Sexually Transmitted Infection Risk in Young South Australians
Liam Ramsey
#205 “I just tell my GP medical information but not anything else”: Healthcare access in New Zealand LGBTQ+ teens
Adi Ferrara
#104 Empowering Young People to be Proud of their Choices – a Sexual Health Promotion Campaign in Rural Victoria
Bree Attwood
SH Prevention, Epidemiology & Health Promotion Abstracts - Reproductive Health
#176 Trends in infectious syphilis notifications among women of reproductive age in Victoria, Australia
Mulu Abraha Woldegiorgis
#121 Meeting the reproductive and sexual health needs of vulnerable young people and their support workers: development of a professional mentoring program (PMP)
Alison Duffin
#93 Experience of reproductive coercion routine screening in Family Planning NSW clinics
Yan Chen
#254 Domestic HPV vaccine price and economic returns for cervical cancer prevention in China: a cost-effectiveness analysis
Lei Zhang
#158 Are genital examinations necessary for STI screening for female sex workers? An audit of decriminalized and regulated sex workers in Melbourne, Australia
Evelyn Turek
Indigenous Focused Cross Track Abstract Session
#222 Aboriginal-led Co-Design Project to Increase Access to Needle and Syringe Programs by Aboriginal Peoples Who Inject Drugs
#214 Co-design Methods to Investigate Ways of Increasing Aboriginal Peoples’ Use of Needle and Syringe Programs in Western Australia
#217 “I Can Go In and Get Freshies Because It Is Healthy For You and Makes You Feel Better”: Increasing Aboriginal Peoples’ Use of Services That Reduce Harms from Illicit Drugs
#45 Evaluation of contemporary social marketing campaigns for young Aboriginal people
#223 GOANNA Survey 2: the second national sexual health survey for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people
Salenna Elliott
Social, Political & Cultural Aspects - Adapting to COVID
#120 Staying Nimble: HIV peer-designed responses in the time of COVID-19
Charlie Tredway
#58 Learning in the time of COVID-19: Adapting sexual health workforce education to the online environment
Courtney Smith
#118 How are COVID-19 pandemic restrictions impacting sexual and reproductive health service provision and access? Preliminary findings from the Victorian Public Abortion and Contraception Tracker (VPACT) study
Cat Kirby
#236 Living Positive in a time of COVID19: “How has HIV prepared you for living in a pandemic?”
Bernard Gardiner
#157 Click and Connect - Peer Support & Safe Sex Messaging for GBQ Men during COVID-19
Harrison Sarasola
#60 ‘The impact of COVID-19 on the pregnancy plans of people living in Australia
Jacqueline Coombe
Social, Political & Cultural Aspects - HIV in context
#70 Australia sets standards for HIV peer support in clinical practice
Adrian Ogier
#131 Experiences of people living with HIV using Australian aged care services
Liz Sutherland
#208 Universal funding of HIV care and immigration challenges for people living with HIV in Aotearoa New Zealand
Jacek Kolodziej
#109 “It has never seemed relevant” - Trans and Gender Diverse Australian’s responses to HIV
Bella Bushby
#127 The role of social media technology in publicly disclosing life with HIV
Steven Philpot
#191 HIV stigma by association among Australian gay and bisexual men and its relationship with community attachment, HIV testing frequency, distress, and rejection
Timothy Broady
Social, Political & Cultural Aspects - Designing with and for communities
#229 “Say Yes to everything”: Planning consent for sexual and reproductive health research interviews with Burma born refugees
Amita Tuteja
#97 “It’s stigma that makes my work dangerous”: experiences and consequences of disclosure, stigma and discrimination among sex workers in Western Australia
Kahlia McCausland
#220 Safety First
Alison Coelho
#206 HIV peer counsellors: innovation in the Papua New Guinea HIV response
John Rule
Social, Political & Cultural Aspects - Knowledge and wellbeing
#13 An analysis of freely available menstrual education in Australia
Claire Moran
#136 Adolescent’s views about comprehensive sexuality education: results of a statewide survey in South Australia
Sophie Kedzior
#32 Mothers attitudes to school-based sex education in Melbourne and Bendigo
Kassandra Drummond
#73 Men’s experiences of bacterial vaginosis and the acceptability of male partner treatment
Rebecca Wigan
#29 The relationship between body image and sexual wellbeing and distress in women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Georgia Rush
Cross Track Abstracts - PrEP
#41 Prescribing PrEP for ‘peace of mind’ in the context of serodiscordant relationships: a qualitative analysis of Australian providers’ views
Anthony K J Smith
#209 Filling holes: How community bridges the gap in Australia’s PrEP healthcare coverage
Michael Whelan
#39 Social engagement between gay men has declined but remains associated with HIV testing, PrEP uptake and number of sexual partners: analysis of national Gay Community Periodic Survey data 1998-2019
Curtis Chan
#111 Domestic mobility and HIV risk: Experiences of becoming disconnected from sexual-health and HIV-prevention care among gay and bisexual men in Australia
Dean Murphy
SH Discovery & Translational Science
#165 Sex is associated with the persistence of non-optimal vaginal microbiota following treatment for bacterial vaginosis: a prospective cohort study
Lenka Vodstrcil
#198 The impact of partner treatment for bacterial vaginosis on the genital microbiota of heterosexual couples
Erica Plummer
#247 Genomic and phenotypic characterisation of cefixime resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Victoria, Australia
Darren Yeu Jyn Lee
#61 The potential impact of a vaccine on the prevalence of gonorrhoea among urban MSM in Australia
Ben Hui
#227 Genomic assessment of within-host population variation in Neisseria gonorrhoeae: Implications for gonorrhoea transmission
Melinda Ashcroft
#242 Genomic epidemiology of syphilis in Victoria, Australia
George Taiaroa
HIV Discovery & Translational Science
#190 Lactic acid produced by an optimal vaginal microbiota promotes cervicovaginal epithelial barrier integrity: implications for HIV transmission
Brianna Jesaveluk
#250 Differential Expression of HIV Envelope Epitopes on the Surface of HIV-Infected Macrophages and CD4+ T Cells
Hans Kek
#199 Serum IgA inhibits HIV-specific broadly neutralising antibody Fc functions
Samantha Davis
#258 Identifying the human RNA-induced transcriptional silencing machinery facilitating HIV-1 latency
Katherine Ognenovska
#255 Understanding the effects of CMV on Gamma Delta T-cell populations in HIV patients starting antiretroviral therapy
Ibnu Ariyanto
HIV Prevention, Epidemiology & Health Promotion Abstracts - PrEP
#71 Characteristics of continuous and non-continuous HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) users: Results from the PrEP in NSW Transition Study
Doug Fraser
#207 HIV retesting among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in Australia by PrEP status
Jennifer Dittmer
#216 Population level decline in incident HIV infection among gay and bisexual men following scale-up of PrEP in Victoria, Australia
Kathleen Ryan
#154 Knowledge and use of oral event-driven pre-exposure prophylaxis (ED-PrEP) among PrEP-experienced gay and bisexual men in New South Wales
Stef Vaccher
HIV Prevention, Epidemiology & Health Promotion Abstracts - COVID
#164 Service provider experiences of adapting peer support for people living with HIV through COVID-19
Brent Clifton
#91 Impacts OF COVID-19 restrictions on Australian gay and bisexual men: qualitative findings from a national online study
Stephen Philpot
Combine #123 & #124 Week-on-week changes in sexual behaviour and PrEP use among Australian gay and bisexual men during COVID-19 restrictions
Garrett Prestage
#114 Dramatic decline in HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) use and sexual behaviour among gay and bisexual men following COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions in Australia: Results from a 2014 prospective observational study and implications for trends in HIV
HIV Prevention, Epidemiology & Health Promotion Abstracts - Innovations in HIV testing and molecular epidemiology
#78 Piloting HIV Self-Test distribution by Smart Vending Machine
Russell Bradshaw
#56 Community-Based HIV/STI Testing Is Effective at Reaching Priority Populations in New South Wales: An Evaluation of a[TEST]
Curtis Chan & Karl Johnson
#135 Australian First Virtual HIV Testing Service: Innovation In Response to COVID-19
Shaun Powyer
#215 Subtype specific differences in transmission cluster dynamics of HIV-1 B and CRF01_AE in New South Wales, Australia
Francesca Di Giallonardo
HIV Prevention, Epidemiology & Health Promotion Abstracts - General HIV prevention and GBM
#194 Changes in HIV-positive men’s relationships in the biomedical prevention era: An analysis of Australian behavioural surveillance data, 2014-2019
Tim Broady
#92 Qualitative insights into overseas-born gay and bisexual men living in Australia from non-English speaking countries recently diagnosed with HIV
Steven Philpot
#31 Geographical differences in uptake of HIV prevention among gay and bisexual men in Australia
Ben Bavinton
#259 A novel analysis of NSW HIV surveillance data to highlight HIV prevention program impact and gaps
Phillip Keen
#168 A systematic review and meta-analysis of the prevalence and incidence of hepatitis c virus infection in men who have sex with men
Fengyi Jin
#162 High-Risk sexual behaviours and the associated risk of HIV and STI tranmission connected to the use of methampheamine among heterosexuals
Lauren Bradley
LARC Symposium - supported by MSD

Session Plan
Extended use of LARC during COVID
Amy Moten
LARC provision after MTOP
Clare Boerma
Use of LARC in adolescents
Kathleen McNamee
Providing contraceptive implant training remotely
Suzanne Pearson
What’s new in LARC – choosing an IUD
Jessica Floreani
Joint Basic science session: Omics in HIV and Sexual Research
Session Plan
Impact of the Microbiome upon HIV and Sexual Health
Gilda Trachedjian
Using genomics to respond to antimicrobial resistant N. gonorrhoeae
Yonatan Grad
Insights from Barcoded HIV Virus models
Deborah Cromer
Hot Topics in Clinical Sexual Health

Session Plan
Sequelae of STIs and the role of patient delivered partner therapy and partner notification
Hennie Williams
Recurrent candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis
Sara Whitburn
Men’s and Women’s genital pain
Karen Berzins
Mycoplasma genitalium: Treatment strategies in the context of rising AMR
Catriona Bradshaw
Understanding U=U in Asia
Partnership with ASHM, the Burnet Institute, NAPWA and AFAO)
The Science Behind U=U
Kenneth Mayer, Harvard
Australian U=U Guidance
Brent Allen, ASHM
Lived experience of U=U
Acep Gates, Indonesia
Challenges and enablers of implementation from a health service perspective: Thailand Case Study
Dr Nittaya Phanuphak, Institute of HIV Research and Innovation, Thailand
Challenges and enablers of implementation from a health service perspective: Vietnam Case Study
Policy Maker Speaker:
Dr Hoan Dinh Canh, Deputy Director, Viet Nam Authority for HIV/AIDS Control,
Community perspectiive
Inad Quiñones Rendon, APCOM